Nannies 4 Grannies Ltd News Letter No 8

  • Oct 27, 2021
  • Kay

Nannies 4 Grannies Ltd News Letter No 8 - Home Care and Companionship in St Albans and Harpenden - We hope you find it of interest.


A note from Kay....

Here we are heading towards the winter months when the days are short and the nights are long. What do you do to keep mobile? Obviously, it is very important to keep supple and there are plenty of things out there that you can either attend, log in to or have a private instructor come out to work with you. Also, it is easy to pick up a leaflet with recommended sit-down exercises for you to follow in the comfort of your own chair. Keeping fit is all important to our well-being as well, doing exercise, getting out and working with others of a similar age can only be good. Talk to us about any of the above and we will help point you in the right direction!

Other activities that can be found in your local village or town hall are:

  • Musical Memories
  • Positive Movement for older people
  • U3A meetings include a talk
  • Recreation for the elderly
  • Dementia wellbeing groups
  • Garden groups
There is something for everyone, contact Kay at Nannies 4 Grannies to find out more.

We would love to know what you think of our services because your views count. You can contact me directly or make a public statement on TrustPilot or Google. You can find the links at the bottom of our emails or on the web site. We are also very active on Social Media where we post about ‘older’ issues. 'Likes' are most welcome.

.... This Autumn

The environment

Along with COVID the environment is very much part of our daily news, we all need to think about our children’s future and look at where we can make improvements:

4 ways of reducing your Carbon Footprint – food for thought..

  • Heating conservation - Draughts waste a lot of energy by losing heat. One quick and relatively cheap win is to put a brush or seal on your doors to prevent air escaping round the edges. Letterboxes and keyholes also lose heat and can be covered too.
  • Electricity conservation - Switch to energy saving light bulbs, when your old bulbs break. They last around 10 times longer than ordinary light bulbs; they will save you money and come in loads of different styles.
  • Water Savings - Always use the correct size saucepan, and when heating water only use the amount you need. Also, when making a cup of tea, only boil the amount of water that you need
  • Food and the Fridge - Buy locally produced organic food and eat less meat; producing 1 calorie of meat requires a lot more land and energy, compared to 1 calorie of vegetables.

Looking forward….. to Autumn TV

A guide to what’s on the Box Here are some TV ideas to look out for.

Succession - Sky Atlantic and Now

Thank God Jesse Armstrong’s bickering, backstabbing billionaires will be back for round three this autumn. Who will be Logan’s number one boy (or girl) this time around? Don’t rule anyone out..

The North Water - BBC 2

The cast and crew of The North Water, adapted from Ian McGuire’s novel, journeyed all the way to the icy archipelago of Svalbard to film this. Jack O’Connell plays a disgraced surgeon turned ship’s doctor on a whaling expedition to the Arctic; also on board is a scary harpooner (Colin Farrell) with murderous instincts.

Landscapers - Sky Atlantic and Now

Olivia Colman and David Thewlis star in this surreal, darkly comic spin on the startling true story of Susan and Christopher Edwards, a seemingly mild-mannered couple hiding a terrible secret: buried in their back garden are the bodies of Susan’s parents..


The Garden - Jobs for Autumn

  • Continue to feed and water pots
  • Tidy up perennials
  • Weeding
  • Deadhead roses
  • Order bulbs
  • Trim hedges
  • Tidy and top-up pond
  • Prune lavender
  • Cut back herbs to encourage new growth
  • Fill in gaps with late-flowering plants

If you need your garden tidied up ready for the autumn give the office a call - we can help

Christmas Visits

This year Christmas falls on a weekend which lengthens the period considerably, 25th & 26th December and 1st January rate will be double time, the 27th & 28th December and 3rd January will be time and a half as they are bank holidays. We are looking at staff availability for these days and ask that you let us know as soon as possible your requirements.

De Clutter Service

We understand that poor mobility can lead to a build up of clutter causing anxiety, depression and not to mention falls. We work with our clients to reduce clutter generally but in some cases this needs to be more concentrated, Why not think about booking a longer session to clear these areas so future visits can focus on the task at hand.

The danger of Scams

We frequently hear of scam attempts from our clients

  • Never disclose security details, such as your PIN or full banking password
  • Don’t assume an email, text or phone call is authentic. Call the business’s official number to check
  • Don’t be rushed - a genuine organisation won’t mind waiting
  • Listen to your instincts - you know if something doesn’t feel right
  • Stay in control - don’t panic and make a decision you’ll regret
  • If it is genuine, they will ring back.

In the News

Queen declines Oldie of the Year award

The Queen has declined a magazine’s award of Oldie of the Year, saying “you are only as old as you feel”. The 95-year-old “politely but firmly” turned down the award but sent the Oldie magazine a message with her “warmest best wishes”. The nation’s longest-reigning monarch, she is due to mark her Platinum Jubilee next year after 70 years as Queen.

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Nannies 4 Grannies Ltd News Letter No 8